Exploring A Variety Of Summer Cotton Kids Clothes At Featherhead Baby Online Store

Being a parent of kids, toddlers, babies, or all of them, we are in a constant phase of ensuring the children are comfortable in all aspects. Especially in summers like this scorching and burning heat, where wearing a single cloth on the body can feel unbearable to wear. Thus this summer makes kids disturbed and they easily show their annoying and irritative behavior. 

Only clothes, daily showering, and intake of water can mitigate the effects of the intense weather.  You can have a variety of summer kids and baby boy clothes made of comfortable cotton at the Featherhead Baby online store. Further, you can shop online from the comfort of your home without bearing this hot temperature.

One other advantage is that the traveling price is cut off. Even if you look among various online branded stores for kids in Pakistan, you will find here the outfits at the most reasonable prices that comply with your budget. 

Note: Since babies and kids grow at a much faster rate than adults in weight and height, this gives a valid reason for not buying too many clothes or expensive ones. 

Benefits of Cotton Clothes 

The main focus is to have great breathable fabric for the bodysuit baby for this extremely hot summer and that is none other than cotton as there are several reasons or benefits to have them for this season.

  • Breathable
  • Variety in style
  • Long-lasting Quality 
  • Moisture Resistant 
  • Gentle On The Soft Skin
  • Skin-friendly Fabric

Cotton Melange T-shirt for Boys 

T-shirts made of melange cotton fabric are perfect for summer, boys can wear them anywhere for casual and formal kids' parties as well. Unlike tank tops and full-sleeve shirts, it doesn’t give too much casual look and a warm feeling in full sleeves. 

Cotton Jersy Long Sleeve Shirt

Crew neck ribbed line neck shirt having cotton fabric like bodysuit baby is extremely breathable. Despite having long sleeves, your child will not feel hot in this outfit. It is available for kids ranging between 6 to 12 years old. From neutral colors like grey and brown to bright solid ones such as yellow, black, and white.

Tank Tops

You all know the summer temperature is 48 degrees and it even goes above on some days, it feels like you're being roasting in the heat every time you go outside. Especially boys love to play outside to enjoy their favorite sports games like football and cricket. 

Believe tank tops would be ideal for such drenched heat as having no sleeves and cotton fabric helps to prevent heat traps. This feature is so essential for humid and intense heat where it feels like someone has blocked up your breathing passage. 

Long Sleeve Shirt

Though the dress has long sleeves still it is breathable and feels light in summer. So do you know what’s the reason behind it? The answer is simply the cotton fabric where the body feels cool in it even in summer and absorbs sweat to make your skin feel less suffocated. 

The long sleeves covering your arms are also good for mosquito season when every second or few minutes later the bug stings on your skin. 

Sleeping Set

In the toddler’s and babies’ collection besides having all the above outfits, we have a two-piece sleeping set that includes pants and a shirt. At night usually, the temperature drops off with a degree of two or three yet the hotness can still be felt. The cotton fabric makes it easy for babies and toddlers to relax and feel comfortable during their bedtime. Tus there is no excuse to get anxious about the irregular sleeping pattern of your child.

Cotton Pants

It is no doubt true in reality that our upper body feels more temperature than our legs part, still is necessary to not overlook the type of fabric your bottom wear is made of. At our online baby store, you can get cotton pants in every color and size. These make up a good pair with any tops especially if you are having a casual day. With such soft and comforting stretchable fabric, your child can play, run, bend, or have any type of healthy fun activity. 


Whether it's summer or not, your baby needs the ideal amount of warmth during these early months of life. Bodysuit baby dresses made of soft cotton maintain their body temperature warm while remaining comfortable, making them a helpful companion for new mothers during the first few months of their child's life.

One particularly noteworthy feature of this bodysuit is that it can be easily removed for changing diapers thanks to the poppers at the bottom of the crotch closure. As a result, parents do not need to remove their infants' underwear every time they change diapers. 

A bodysuit is a form-fitting, stretchy clothing that resembles a t-shirt but has an extension at the waist and sometimes has no sleeves. Unlike buttons that cross over or separate shirts and pants, which require you to put your infant in continual motion while dressing him or her, this one has buttons down one side. Additionally, the hem of this ensemble is adjusted so that the clothing doesn't wrinkle.

Beautiful Frocks 

We all have heard beauty with brains but have you ever come up with the phrase beauty with comfort? If we talk about clothing then a frock is the perfect way to embody this ‘ beauty with comfort’. Whether your girl is a tiny tod or a crawling small step-taking kid, these cotton beautifully designed frocks fulfill their dream of becoming a princess without compromising on the comfort level needed this summer.

The Bottom Line

So finally we have discussed all types of girls' and baby boy clothes from top, and bottom to frocks and sleeping sets. All of them are made with summer cotton fabric to make your kids feel comfortable and cool in this burning heat. Further, the stunning cute designs portray an adorable image of your child. 

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