5 Benefits Of Having A Soft Baby Blanket For Your Child

The day the baby is born becomes the most special day for new parents as they welcome a new member into their family. From the very first day, parents start to take care of their newborn by buying new baby dresses, food, toys, and other essentials to provide every type of comfort for better development and growth.

Parents need to take care of their babies not only to nurture their physical development but also their cognitive ones and to make them happy. In their early stages, moms and dads usually feel tension about how to protect them in changing weather for they have the most sensitive skin. They try out different baby clothes to make them warm and cozy throughout the year. This is because even in summer especially in spring baby can catch a cold or fever. 

Hence to keep their skin breathable and also warm at the same time, a quilt blanket would go perfectly fine as it covers all of the body from head to toe, or just if you want to leave the head it's your choice. 

On the other hand in winter, the dry cold air has less moisture which results in having dry skin of the baby as it is more delicate than adults. Therefore, a swaddle wrap is necessary to make up the bedding of your baby giving an optimum temperature to keep your angel warm and have good dreams.

  • Nevertheless, it is better to avoid thick fabric quilts, swaddles, pillows, and blankets, for these can block air, leading to suffocation. 
  • You should opt for 100% cotton-made quilts, blankets, side cushions, and pillows for your babies to let them sleep safely.
  • Also, make sure to keep loose bedding and soft toys away from children at sleeping time for it can cause instant baby death syndrome due to suffocation. 
  • Every baby has different sleeping patterns, so look for the best bedding option where you will find comfy quilts, pillows, and swaddles made of warm breathable fabric.

What Are The Benefits Of Baby Swaddle

If you are shopping for your kids, then add a blanket along with the baby clothes to make it complete because, without it, your baby will not get its comfort.

There are many advantages of keeping a baby blanket, some of which are described below:

Feeling Comfy & Safe 

Babies feel a sense of safety and comfort when they are completely wrapped by a swaddle or soft cotton muslin, hence, helping them achieve good sleep and protection. 

A baby's startle reflex may be triggered and they may wake up if they flail their arms and legs, which swaddling helps them avoid happening.

Also, these blankets provide good protection against mosquitoes and prevent any type of itching during the sleep

Stimulating The Senses

It has been observed that all babies want to have sensory stimulation, it keeps them relaxed and makes them gleeful. This can be done through massaging their body parts with any type of moisturizer. However, the other way you can do it is with a small blanket. 

Yes you heard it right a SWADDLE

Covering and wrapping up your baby in these swaddle and cotton bedding sheets delivers the sensory stimulation your baby craves while comforting him throughout the night. Moreover, high-quality quilts offer adorable clumsiness that your baby loves to do. One to three-year-old babies hate being tightly folded in a blanket where they cannot freely move their arms however it doesn’t apply to newborns. 

Deep Sleep Good Dreams

So many parents are asking whether blanket and quilts helps in giving a good sleep to your baby? Does it really affect their sleep?

The answer is inevitably YES!

Being a mom you put on lotion or any other moisturizer onto your baby’s skin before sleeping time and then wrap his/ her soft skin in a blanket. This blanket then helps the baby to keep calm, making your child sleepy. But it will be more effective when done correctly. 

Just like a healthy diet, proper sleep is essential for babies as during sleep, a hormone gets released, that aids in strengthening muscles, excellent growth, and repairing cells and tissues. 

Shop quilts, swaddles, and muslin blankets from the Featherhead Baby Online store.

Regulate Temperature

At about eight to nine months babies are in the womb of their mother and when they open up their eyes to this world, they feel uncomfortable because of the temperature difference. This is the reason they cry out their feelings at the time of delivery and it last for several months. 

Nurses and mothers usually keep them warm and cozy in baby blankets. Their breathable cotton fabric allows the air to pass which helps in temperature regulation, neither getting too hot nor too cold.

Babies can be calmed by an exquisite and natural wool blanket that helps them stay at a comfortable temperature. Use this temperature-regulating baby blanket for your infant.

Variety Of Baby Blankets

Many parents get confused while choosing blankets for their babies especially when it's their first time. Here, giving you a simple tips you should consider.

  • Choose from multiple varieties in the types 
  • Look for those that are made of 100% soft cotton fabric

Here are some types of blankets for your babies at our online store. 

Quilt Blanket 

The nursery quilt blankets from Featherhead are meticulously crafted with your baby's comfort as our priority. With polyester stuffing, the fabric is composed entirely of cotton.


  • Blue balloons & grey elephant 
  • 30" x 40" reversible quilted blanket 
  • Composed of breathable, all-natural cotton

Muslin Swaddle Blanket

With your baby's comfort as our top priority, Featherhead's Swaddle Blankets are made of lightweight, breathable cotton muslin, making it perfect for swaddling, nursing, cuddling, and more. It has adorable designs and is composed of soft fabric that is 100% cotton. Crafted entirely of breathable, natural cotton

Muslin Wearable Blanket Zippered Sleeping Bag

When shopping for baby dresses do look for this wearable sleeping bag as its handy and your baby can easily carry it without making it heavy. The sleepsack from Featherhead is meticulously crafted with your baby's comfort as our priority. It has plenty of stretch and is composed of soft, 100% cotton for the ideal fit.


  • Cotton zipped sleepsack 
  • Wearable blanket with two layers of muslin 
  • Woven with 100% natural, breathable cotton

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