Why Cotton Is The Ideal Fabric For Summer Kids Clothes

Yearly, summers occupy most of the months more than any season, from May to September. During this whole period, kids have the best time spending their long three-month school summer break with their parents due to the scorching heat and intense heat. This time is ideal for either relaxing indoors or enjoying your day in the northern cooler regions, playing and splashing in the cool water. Nevertheless, with all these fun-filled activities, summers do come with drawbacks as well. 

The intense heat and humid atmosphere lead to dehydration, sweating, and even dizziness, especially for children who tend to play outside. This can further result in rashes, dry itchy skin, and prickly heat spots on the body.

There are certain measures you could take to prevent such summer exhaustive conditions, these are as follows

Taking daily bath 

Skin-friendly clothes 

Drinking a lot of water 

Talking about summer kids boy shirts and girl dresses,  then you may be searching for the ideal fabric that can prevent heating of the body. Cotton fabric is the perfect choice for summer kids' clothes because it regulates body temperature, delivering comfort to your children.

Featherhead Baby online store has many kids girl shirts and boys’ clothes in summer cotton fabric which are soft and comfy for the delicate skin of kids.  Explore our variety of stock from tops, and bottoms to dresses for kids. 


Cotton fabric is extracted from plant-based fibers which are natural fibers allowing the fabric to be highly breathable with its air-circulating property. In humid and temperatures rising above 40 degrees, it is highly recommended to choose cotton clothes to keep your child cool in the extreme heat. The fabric has the quality to maintain body temperature and prevent sweating by soaking it up. 

Durable Quality

Cotton is just perfect for summer due to its breathable fabric but also it stays as long as you maintain it. Thus moms who are worried about the quality will be satisfied even after washing it several times. This is because cotton will not lose its quality no matter how many times you wash it. Many items essential for your child besides clothing, like swaddles, quilts blankets, bibs, and bodysuits, are made from cotton fabric. Your child can play, run, stretch, and bend without fearing worsening the clothes's quality. 

Quick Absorbing Material 

Another feature of cotton is that it completely and quickly absorbs the liquid as compared to the synthetic fabric. In the hot summer season, cotton helps absorb moisture and prevents sweat from gearing up. This helps children from getting rashes and itchy skin and makes them feel easy throughout the day.

Feather-like Delicate Skin Need This Soft Fabric

Babies and kids have delicate skin and slightly disturbing fabric can bring irritation or ratches to their bodies making them uncomfortable. Since cotton is the softest of all fabrics, your kid feels more comfy as they feel soft on their skin. If the clothes are soft it means they can play and sleep very well and feel at ease in their movement. Furthermore, cotton is hypoallergenic meaning it will not bring any infection or acne to the children.

Variety In Style 

As cotton-made kids boy shirts and girl's dresses are so comfy and soft, anybody can wear them at any age. Moreover, you can have bedsheets, baby blankets, bodysuits, rompers, t-shirts, pants, frocks, skirts, leggings and much more.  Further, it's seasonal, cotton can be worn at any time of year. This makes the fabric more accessible to anyone. 

From babies, and toddlers to kids, cotton proves to be the ideal fabric for their daily and occasional wear.

You can explore our store for cotton clothes coming in different prints and colours from neutral to bright ones. 

Skin Friendliness 

Here's the interesting fact, that doctors recommend wrapping babies in cotton swaddles for peaceful nights and comfy days. It prevents babies from having acne and absorbing heat. Moreover, like other fabrics such as linen, organza and silk can cause itching and uneasiness leading to redness and rashes. 

So do you want to hear your child crying due to the rashes 

It's a NO! 

Here at Online kids store in Pakistan you can find outfits that are hypoallergenic and comfortable for your kids at the same time. Your kids won't complain to you about any disturbed feeling due to the fabric 

Reasons For not choosing Synthetic fabrics

We have told you many reasons why cotton is ideal for summer and you may have observed it by wearing it. Now we will give you a brief on why fabrics other than cotton are not a perfect fit but rather an unsatisfying choice.  

Non Breathable fabric

Synthetic fabrics do not tend to circulate air through. This makes it more difficult for skin to have hair in a humid atmosphere. 

Less Moisture Resistant 

Unlike cotton fabric, synthetic ones are good at absorbing moisture. This is why you keep on feeling disturbed by the running, sweating your skin. 

Traps Heat 

The unbreathable fabric causes the clothes to trap the heat at a quicker rate and trap it inside. With fabric, your child can feel more heat 

Cause More Sweating 

The unbreathable, and low moisture absorber cause it gives your child more sweating. 

Closing Up the Blog Just Like A Closet

In light of all the advantages of wearing kids boy shirts and girls dresses  made with  cotton fabric in the summer, we hope that this blog will assist you in making the decision of "Which clothes are better in summer?" The benefits of wearing clothing made of cotton are discussed above to support the idea that parents should choose cotton for their children initially. For maximum breathability, comfort, and skin friendliness, several Pakistan businesses advocate cotton apparel for kids.

As an organic clothing company, Featherhead Baby favors environmentally conscious and sustainable fashion. The company is well known for its contributions to the "Sustainable Fashion" industry.

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