6 Tips To Style Your Minnie Girl On Eid

Coming to the end of Ramadan month with fasting for 30 days, we turn towards the activity of shopping for the big festival which is known as eid-ul-fitr. Getting Eid dresses for your baby girl is one task and styling it with a great sense of aesthetic is another. As a mom, you need to look out for fashion trends and different brands to help style your beautiful girl for the auspicious occasion. 

As compared to the boys, baby girls' dresses are more vibrant, having beautiful prints and multiple colors that make your girl stand out in the events. However, keep in mind that Eid is coming in the summer, so it's likely that your child will get exhausted, and may experience rashy skin or sweat. For this reason, you have to look for light soft cotton that gets comfy around the skin. 

1. Don’t Forget Style When Looking For Comfier Clothes

It seems difficult but by trying different brands, you can add a variety of fashion themes to your child's wardrobe while not compromising on the comfy factor. Further don’t neglect the style for a comfier feeling, like making your baby wear plain dresses with dull color and no prints at all. Hence it will get the image that your baby is going to sleep at night rather than being ready for the eid. A legging and cotton fabric frock would be perfectly fine for the coming Eid. 

2. Go For Bright Prints & Colors 

Eid is all about wearing the best clothes from your wardrobe and showing it to your family and friends. Your baby girl is just like a beautiful princess so dress her like that to show off your feelings and also represent your daughter in the most adorable way. Choosing fascinating theme-based prints and vibrant colors like pink, red, blue, and yellow can enhance the look of your baby girl. Nevertheless, if you are selecting grey and brown shades then it creates a dull boring look making it not worthy of being called an Eid outfit

3. Mix & Match Patterns and Themes

Have you ever tried combining patterns and prints with your baby girl's dresses for style? Then it is time to transform an ordinary girl into a marvelous angel lady. Dressing up your girl with Frock having a white base and red polka dots on it and contrasting it with strips leggings or a yellow butterfly printed cap will bring out the stunning beauty inside. Moreover, you can have a watercolor print jumpsuit with a denim short light summer jacket to adopt a bold chic fashion statement for your Minnie. 

4. Traditional Wear 

Eid shopping is incomplete without traditional baby girl dresses, as this occasion is celebrated by Muslims, then why not display the culture of Muslims at the festivals? Our cultural shalwar kameez not only delivers an eye-catching dressing style but also is the most comfy cloth you will ever experience. Unlike tight, jeans and pants the loose shalwar allows you to walk, bend, and run easily and at last not get any sweating sensation in these pajamas or shalwar. Similarly, the loose-fit kameez won’t stick to your skin and make your baby swelter in the summer especially when it's a joyful Eid occasion. 

You can make your girl wear Punjabi, Balochi, or Pathani theme clothes and that will surely look more attractive than another Western outfit. It will resonate with the theme of the cultural Eid festival as well

5. Take Hint From Your Closet

Parents often believe that infants should only wear clothing appropriate for their age, although this isn't entirely accurate. Of course, you can dress your little daughter in the same manner as you do. Dress your princess in what appear to be scaled-down replicas of your wardrobe by taking a hint from your own closet. Additionally, keep in mind to dress appropriately for the situation. 

5. Accessories Are Necessary 

Hats, scarves, earrings, bangles, rings, and necklaces give a funky sexier appearance to your baby’s dressing. Whether your girl is wearing a smart Western outfit or traditional wear, get it accessorized with earrings, bangles, and beanies. This will make it more beautiful and people enhance the dressing style of your baby. For instance, you can go with red bangles and earrings for your baby on the white shalwar kameez or put on a jute hat on the sleeveless polka dot frock to make your dressing style work out the best. However, be sure the accessories even the smallest earrings should not irritate your child while she’s enjoying Eid. 

6. Don’t Overdress Her In Summers 

The final and most crucial piece of advice is to avoid overdressing your little angel because it will make her feel uneasy and agitated. You could occasionally find yourself clothing your girl past a certain point rather than trying to make her look fashionable and appealing. She may appear overly large as a result, like a 16-year-old. Never overdress your daughter; instead, make an effort to keep her ensembles as airy, sophisticated, and uncomplicated as possible to preserve her sense of style and purity.

Wrapping Up The Blog

You may or may not have the experience of how to dress your girl in Eid baby clothes, this article will give you simple and easy tips to make your little one’s Eid into a wonderful experience. From styling your baby with beautiful clothes to styling it with accessories while making sure anything doesn’t upset the comfort level of your Minnie sweetie. So let your child wear cultural clothes following different provincial theme dresses and add it up with earrings and bangles giving a true Muslim fashion style. Playing with prints and colors can do much the same creating a mesmerizing vibe. On the whole, keep it simple and elegant at the same time.

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