7 Important Things To Level Up Your Kids Clothing Game!

Choosing clothes for yourself is easier than buying clothes for other, especially if its your kids. Having children makes your life beautiful and happy despite of all their responsibilities.  Buying apparel for your little ones is a challenging task that may even give you stress. Since there are many kid clothing brands in the market, it is difficult to select kids girls shirts, boys tops, bottoms and frocks, enhancing the dressing look and feel for your girl or boy. It should look cute and comfortable on the child at the same time. 

Moreover, your child’s physical features like  weight, height, complexion and season of the year also matter in the selection of your kid’s clothes. For instance, the bottom pants do not not fall on the toes , hiding the feet , thus its end should have a two inch distance from the feet. The previous tip is more of significance for the short height kids. On the other hand if child is bulky, then go for single straps and trousers rather then flapper or zippers. 

Attraction of Clothes All Go In Vain When There Is No Comfort!

The first most priority before choosing the designs and colors should be given to the type of fabric the cloth is made of! It is true that adorable cute designs and fun colors in the start do attract  but goes away when it doesn’t feel comfortable especially when you are choosing kids boys shirts. The clothes ought to be made from finest wool, linen tencel modal and combed cotton. 

These all materials are durable, easy to maintain and soft on the delicate skin of the children. On the other hand synthetic fabric such as nylon, polyester and spandex should be avoided as they result in rashes and irritation to the skin

So make sure you choose a fabric which has more cotton. Resultantly when the child wears comfortable clothes, he feels happy outside.

Kids Clothing

Size and Fitting Makes The Dress Perfect 

One of the basic important things in buying girls and kids boys shirts is the size. Even when the clothes’ designs are attractive they will no longer look cute as the size will not match the wearer rather it will look awkward. This is especially important for kids as they grow faster and their size and weight grows at a much faster rate than adults. Furthermore, you are not going to be in the market again and again just for the size because it will bring stress to you and cost you a lot. 

It's better to choose clothes of larger or free size that can ultimately save time, money and deliver more comfort.  You can easily get size  for your child as we have clothes for kids age from 6-14 year old, both for girl or boy. 

Quality that Stays Forever

Children deserve the best. Quality clothing is not just a luxury; it's a necessity for their growth and confidence.- Giorgio Armani

Have you ever had to patch the torn piece of the cloth with sewing? This is because the cloth loses its elasticity due to the thin quality of the fabric. Thus,  a featherhead baby brings you fine quality kids apparel, delivering comfort in every style. Always prefer strong thick quality fabric which are comfy as well. Also do read the instructions on how to wash and manage different summer and winter clothing stuff. It results in long lasting durability of the fabric

Your Kid’s Choice Matter 

If you are selecting an important thing for someone, then do go with their choice because in the end it's all about their satisfaction. 

Same is the case when you are buying clothes for your kids. Though they are small and little experienced, yet going with choice makes them more happy and confident. Moreover if later they do not like the dress then you will not be accountable for choosing the specific clothes. So let the kids decide their wardrobe selection, leading towards enhanced personality as someone said it like this.

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong." - Peter T. McIntyre

Fashionable Dressing Sense

Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak- Rachel Zee.

The fashion and apparel industry has been growing since the beginning of history. It is now flourishing in the modern age as well. Your child should not just follow what’s in the trend rather follow which suits him or her. Kid clothing industry is ever evolving since the beginning. Kids are a second name of fun and happiness so their styling reflects them with brightly colored dress and chic designs.  With featherheadbaby, you have versatile option of fashion  wearables for both girl and boys clothing. Different shades of pink, red and purple would look beautiful for girl kid while blue, black and other colors for kids boys shirt  would be great. Nevertheless colors are not just confined to gender role they are beyond that, you can even dress your girl with blue. 

Your boy kid will love to wear t-shirts with cool sporty theme design and also can get influence with superhero fictional characters like superman and batman. On the other hand frocks, shirts, skirts  and tops having  unicorns and fairytale theme design excite girl kids to wear them. 

Solids, Prints & Patterns

Sometime you may experience that the design you have like for your kid doesn’t suit him or your child don't like it. Then the solution is to experiment with patterns, print and solids to not just make your got or boy love it but also to enhance their fashion statement. We have wide variety of colors in solids, and attractive slogan based design in T-shirts. Our pattern are specifically design to cater to the seasonal themes giving a cool vibe during summer and sense of warmth in winters. You have to be more conscious about designs of kids girls shirts as girls are more concerned about their look than boys. 

Save Money While Shopping 

As discussed earlier kids grow at faster rate than adults, so don’t spend in extravagant clothes for kids because that too will get useless in no time. Make plan for investing on quality kids apparel that lies in your budget limit. There are various band delivering affordable high quality fabric with attractive design and colors for every occasion and seasons. You can shop our exclusive range of colorful printed clothes for girls and boys at much reasonable prices. 

Wrapping Up The Blog

Kids are the most precious asset in your life and you must very particular about dressing them with perfect clothes that makes them look awesome. But before purchasing kids girls shirts and boys clothe from the market,  you have to consider the factors discussed above. In doing so you will get the clear image of what you want and your money doesn’t go in waste.

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