Exploring New Arrivals In Baby Boy Wears At Featherhead Baby

Are you also fed up with making your baby boy wear the same clothes every week or having the same boring designs every time you shop for them? Then here’s some good news for all parent who are looking to elevate their children’s wardrobe. 

So pick up your mobile or laptop, open up Featherhead Baby online store on the browser, and see a variety of clothes for your baby. Further, you will see the new collection at reasonable prices.

Shopping for baby clothes boy, also the little hero of yours, might be boring for you at some point for it does not have that colorful patterns, themes and style as found in girls. 

Plain White Bodysuits With Cartoon Theme Print

Plain whites always give a peaceful light soothing vibe in this hot summer season. Hence, the new plain white bodysuit with a patch of printed cartoon theme on it makes your baby pop out in fashion among other babies. Besides your baby feels light and comfortable with white shade and soft cotton. You can pair it with any yellow booties or red making it more attractive.

The fabric quality doesn’t ruin even after several washes as any type of stain gets more prominent on the white.

Here are two types of these with a Spider-Man character and another one with Lego fictional heroes. 

Cotton Mittens For Tiny Fingers 

It's not the big boys but rather the small ones with tiny hands that need to be protected from seasonal effects and bacteria. Yes, we are talking about baby boys who need extra care to shield them from bad effects. Also, the small moving fingers are covered with mittens made of cotton that don’t feel too tight or warm. 

For your handsome cutie boys, we have a wide range of cotton mittens stitched perfectly to hold your little one hands. These are available in sky blue, dark blue, and white colors  either plain or with minimal cute prints to present the boy gender. So if you are conscious about the baby’s skin and hand these are a must. 

Prints like blue whales, stars, stripes and plain ones can be found in these cotton mittens 

Nighty Baby Gowns

Gowns cover your body from top to bottom extending to the feet. Similarly, these baby gowns cover the whole feather-like delicate body of your baby boy. The perfect soft cotton stitched gowns feel gentle on the baby making their mobility easy. Moreover, you don’t have to make them wear separate bottoms along with it. As a mom, you don’t have to take tension diaper changing as there is no bottom, rather your boy feels light and comfy during these summer nights. The elasticated hemline and overlapping shoulder neckline make it easy for quick baby cloth changing. 

The same prints are available as discussed before in cotton mittens which are blue whale, stars, plain whites and blues. 

Pack Caps For Temperature 

We all know in baby clothes boy, caps are very essential for newborns to maintain body temperature for they are sensitive to the external environment even in summer. Here at Featherhead Baby online store, you see our new wide collection of baby boy caps and beanies with cute prints that double up the adorability. These stretchable caps easily stick around your baby’s delicate head. 

Sleep and Play Zipper Suits

The long zipper one piece tends to cover the baby’s hands and feet along the whole body. You don’t need extra bottoms. These are suitable for baby boys ranging from 3 months to 12 months for they easily can move their reflexes during sleep. It is also not just restricted to sleeping time, rather you can make your baby wear this during the daytime as well when he wants to play and move. 

Available in all sizes, here at Featherhead we bring a variety of new prints and colours. You can mostly avail these in a single pack of 2 suits (one is solids, and the other has prints like blue whales, blue mountains, stars and stripes).

Pairing These Babies' Dressing Clothes

These all have somewhat contrasting or the same colours and prints allowing you to pair them with one another when dressing up your baby. For instance, you can have dark navy blue cotton mittens with a plain light blue colour baby gown along with a beanie in a grey hue. 

Similarly, a snow-white zipper sleepsuit paired with a dark navy blue cap gives a wonderful attractive look to your baby. Everyone will seem to hold him like never before with this dressing combo. We have selected colours that give light and comfy appearance to everyone who sees it. 

Plushy Soft Muslin Swaddle 

Swaddling a baby is a practice done for ages hence it is never wrong to say it is a traditional mother’s practice. However, the main focus is to have perfect stitching and quality cotton leading to what is called an ideal swaddling. 

Our swaddle made of muslin fabric feels plushy soft like a cloud and wraps your baby boy just like in mom’s comforting arm and warmth feels like inside being mother’s womb. 

The prints revolve around animal characters, like cute lions, tall giraffes, and unicorns giving nature love while the moon and star, shooting stars reflect night vibes. 

Concluding Up The Blog

Shopping for Baby boy wear is a responsible task for every mom, and it becomes quite difficult when there is less variety. However, at Featherhead Baby, you will have a variety of options and come across fascinating colours and prints in baby clothes. 

There won’t be any moment that you neglect buying from our new collection. Further, the main reason is of course the amazing quality at much more affordable prices than on any other Pakistani brands. 

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