Newborn Clothing Essentials Guide For Every Mother

Your baby is about to come or has already arrived in this world and you planning to buy new born baby dress and other stuff. Thus, giving you an all new experience of parenthood especially when you are first time parent. In all this scenario you must be worrying about what new born must-haves should you be focusing on besides taking care of your health and baby grooming activities.

Since its a newborn, you will look around newborn baby dress online stores to  take care of your baby from every aspect ranging from bathing, clothing and diaper essentials to everything that fulfill his needs and comfort. Whether you are going to be a first time mom or once again going through the mother phase, the craving for shopping for your newborn is the same everytime become a mommy.

This blog will help you all in guiding what newborn essentials you could buy as a mom to make your journey (sacrificing your sleep at night) a relaxing and comfy one not just for your baby but for you as well. The list include the basics so not to overwhel you in this joyful 

So let’s start….

Baby’s Basic Clothing 

Cozy Bodysuits 

Bodysuit is a stretchable garment,  similar to t-shirt with an extension towards the waist have short or lon sleeves or sometime sleeveless. It has downside buttons down one side as compared to the ones that cross over or the separate tops and pants where you have to put your baby in constant movement while dressing him/her up. Furthermore, this outfit adjust the hem in such a way that doesn’t made wrinkles on the clothes. 

In this first few months of newborn, your baby need an optimum warm temperature no matter its summer season or whatever. Soft-cotton made bodysuits keep their body temperature warm and comfortable at the same time so its proves to be friendly partner to all mom in their initial months of newborn experience. 

Here’s a most special important thing about this bodysuit is it have  crotch closure with poppers at the bottom, making it easy to remove while changing diapers. Thus moms or dads do not have to take off bottom pants of their babies again and then putting it up just for nappy change. 

Sleeping Suit

Shopping sleeping suits from the newborn baby dress online store like featherhead baby store is the best option you could favor your baby. 

Sleep suit is  also a one piece garment just like a dress covering all the arms and legs , sometime feet as well. They are made of soft cotton jersey fabric  without interrupted designs and buttons making it perfect comfy cloth for sleeping. The baby sleep suits available at Featherhead baby online store have one long zipper in the front from chin to ankle, making it easier and quicker to dress the baby than the one having buttons.  

Also these have footed bottom to keep precious little toes warm, 

So shop now shades of blue and whites sleep suit for baby boys while pink and white shades for baby girl from out online kids store. 

Comfy Blankets To Wrap Up Your Little One

Muslin Swaddle 

The soft baby blanket is essential for newly borns as they wrap the whole tiny one into a single ball shape stuff which makes it easy for first time mother to carry them safely. Your baby feel safe and comfy when wrapped in these muslin swaddle as it completely fold around the arms and legs of the baby. 

These muslin swaddle are best in holding the arms and legs closely to the body, and this position makes the baby  most comfortable and also help in controlling the irregular refluxes.

Since it makes your baby comfortable, they make the perfect blankets for your baby during  sleeping time.

Moreover, social media is trending with baby photoshoot where newborn is wrapped around with swaddle giving a cute tiny bub.

Muslin Sleeping Bag

Muzlin sleeping bag found to be the most relaxing and comfy sleeping stuff for the babies. Swaddle blanket is suitable for newborn, however after two months they won’t find themselves fit in the blanket. This is because they want to freely move their hand around during bedtime. 

Sleeping bag is made in a way that allows your baby to move and bring out their hands from the blanket in way they want for relaxation. 

On the other hand, the zip attached to to them ensure the blanket will stay in intact with the baby even if the baby turn around his body on the either side

Other Essential Acessories

Here are some other small clothing accessories that is not just a option or to add style but an essential little stuff for your tiny tod.


Newborns and babies utill 12 months have a lot of habit of spitting out milk or even saliva involuntarily. This may result in giving a untidy appearance  with fluid al over the  mouth area and clothes. Being in this situation your child may feel weird and uncomfortable to do anything further, while also  appear dirty in front of the people. 

So to avoid such mishappening, you should always keep a bib with you as a mom especially when you are  giving baby something to eat or drink. Also it important after breast feeding your baby to clean off the fluid the baby usually take out afterwards. 


We all know babies are precious creature’s of God, and they need extra protection from external factors that could have bad effect on them. Hands are the sensitive part of the human body, they feel more cold and hot. 

Here comes mittens, glove with  one small section for thumb and the other large section for rest of the fingers. They keep bub’s hand safe and warm which is especially great for winters. Your baby feel more cozy and cute with little muffin shape mittens. 

Beanies  Caps

The newborn baby dress also include the caps as they are the essential factor for keeping your baby warm. The small soft head of babies need to be covered with caps for protection against the extreme weather. Beanie caps that are strechable, easily covering  your babies small head making it  fully attached to skin. This helps in preventing the falling of cap from the head when your baby get into movement position.

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