The Essential Role Of Bold & Basics In Every Child’s Closet

Have you ever heard of the bold and basic in baby clothes boy and kids wear? So let’s clear it to you and make it simple. The basics here refer to simple everyday essentials, including dresses like bodysuits, tank tops, and shirts. On the other hand, bolds are plain dark solids pieces of clothing in various attractive hues that can be paired with other printed articles to enhance the look of the whole outfit.

When shopping for baby boy wear, we recommend you compromise on all sorts of prints but never on one of the bold and basics for your children. Rather than confusing yourself with messy prints and patterns, it is better to go with simple and plain bodysuits. 

Light Feel On Eyes

With so many stuffed prints and somewhat weird colours, your baby doesn’t look smart and cute. On the other hand, you are helpless to find a new outfit that your baby can easily carry out while at the same time giving an adorable look. At this moment, you should look for bolds and basics. The no-print plain colour baby and kids dresses will be the most comfy and satisfying in the sense of style, thus making a light simple yet decent dressing style for your child. 

You can top it up with accessories like a pendant or necklace, wrist band or even a small baby cardigan to make it more mesmerising for the eyes. It not only gets easy on your child’s body but also feels light to everyone who sees it.

Adding Attractiveness To Main Color 

It has been observed that outfits having prints do not give much beauty to the base colour of the dress, thus leading to a dull appearance of the dress. Bold and basic as the name suggests, give a simple yet attractive to the dressing. The plain dark colour bodysuits and shirts like reddish maroon level up the cuteness of your baby to the next level. 

Further, a bold beautiful get-up for the baby is ready without having any print on the dress. 

Giving A Bold Look 

Shopping for your babies, toddlers or kids, you may have found some funky patterns and colourful prints on one of the bottoms or tops. Having these, you may get confused to match it with which piece. Here only the solids would work as these plain color dresses brighten the fascinating design or print on the other piece of article and it stands out even more when paired with plain.

Easy To Pair It Up With Any Color Or Print

When mixing and matching or pairing your tops with bottoms or vice versa, it may get difficult as to which one will go with the top or bottom you are going to wear. These plain bolds and basic easily let you wear your favourite piece of article as there is no tension of cluttering the wardrobe. For instance, with polka dot shorts or yellow with a multicolour print, you can wear a plain red T-shirt from the collection of bold and basics at the Featherhead Baby online store. 

Similarly with a small funky colour shocking pink hoody and shrug you can make your baby wear a plain white bodysuit. It will not only balance the strong brightness of the pink shade but also elevate its look. Surprisingly it will give a Barbie theme as well making a perfect outfit for your baby girl.

Enhancing The Personality 

The majority of the baby boy wear prints or designs you find during your shopping that are somewhat weird like giving a childish theme. Though it is childish it doesn’t look fine or beautiful at all. As discussed before, some prints despite looking good may not have attractive colors or not make sense in contrast. So with all of this, you cannot make up your mind on choosing the best for your child. 

In bold and basic outfits collection, you can shop simple plain t-shirts, bodysuits and tank tops. These simple colorful outfits with no prints enlighten up the personality of your child, giving a smart cool vibe that no other outfit can entail. 

Both Baby Girl & Boy Can Wear

Another major benefit of having these plain solids is that if you have brought one plain white bodysuit or t-shirt for your baby boy, you can easily make it the outfit of the day for your baby girl as well. 

The same is the case when you buy a kid girl t-shirt in a plain grey shade then you can add it to your boy's wardrobe when he needs it the most or when there’s no option left. hehe kidding

Formal & Casual 

Since these plain colour essentials for your children have no prints at all, make a fashion outfit for every event whether it be a formal party or a casual relaxing day at home. These bold and basics work as magic, you can accessorize or pair it with a denim jacket to give a trendy formal look or leave it as simple on its own for an easygoing minimal look.

Moreover, it is better to have bold colours like red, dark navy blue and even white for a formal gathering and light green, sky blue and white for when your child is at home. 

Final Thoughts

Baby clothes boys or girls wear can be a fun little thing to get busy on. However, it can get hectic when you get puzzled or overwhelmed with the range of boring designs. The bold and basic collection at Featherhead Baby online store will help you out in this stage with its minimalistic rather no print plains tops. It is simple yet attractive in all ways as the colour outclasses the designs and the bold colour makes a vibrant vibe. 

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