Beautiful Spring Theme Frocks & Skirts For Your Little Baby Girl

This spring season as a busy woman you are wandering through different baby clothes shops online to dress your small girlie most adorably. So telling you the secret that most moms and dads would be more focused on frocks and skirts with beautiful prints and colors to match theme of the this bloomy blossom season. Here at Featherhead Baby online store, you can find a variety of prints, styles, and shades in frocks and skirts

Slight warm sunshine along with chilly air goes all around the bed of flowers and green leaves, creating an irresistible scene you will ever experience. So choose light cotton fabric baby girl dresses that not only feel breathable but also soft on the delicate baby skin.  Also, it would be ideal if you make them wear half sleeves only if they are 6 months older, otherwise, newborns are more sensitive to the weather unpredictability. 

Let's explore what Featherhead Baby Online has kept in its store for your beautiful pixies to style this spring and summer. 

Printed Baby Frocks 

As discussed above, baby girls look beautiful in frocks especially when it's springtime. Frocks plated panels resemble extraordinary beauty like a flower having plated petals while giving you and your baby a princess feel. Thus it's great for resonating the theme of the spring. Moreover, it's important to either have pastel shades like baby pink, sky blue white, and so on, or bright shades of yellow and red, royal blue. You can also have a contrasting color giving a wonderful combo to make your baby happy.  

Below are some of the amazing prints and colors in frocks you will love and make an everlasting fashion statement for everyone when your baby is going to wear it.

baby girl 

Pretty Florals

These three baby girl dresses with floral prints outshine any other spring dress in the market. 

  • A Navy blue frock including cute puff sleeves and a Peter Pan collar along with peachy orange and white flowers printed on it attracts everyone to your baby if she wears it. You can top it up with an adorable bow in peach color. It's available for newborns and for 3-6 month-old babies. 
  • On the other hand with the same style as the above dress,  our white color garden floral frock mostly with blue and orange flowers and leaves makes it a perfect outfit for the day. 
  • The multicolor frock gives goosebumps to whoever sees it and brightens up the mood of your cute baby. Pair it with plain white leggings and if you have then have a little jute fabric hat delivering a remarkable trendy chic appearance. 

Classic Polka Dots Pattern

Polka dots have always been in fashion no matter what’s in the trend. This classic pattern reflects a beautiful symmetry of circles.  The beautiful symphony of red polka dots on the sleeveless frilly frock not only portrays an elegant design but also an attractive color combination. This is because red dots become more visible and bright on the white base color, making it a wonderful piece for your girls’ closet. 

Another full-sleeve red polka dot frock with a ruffle trim collar and a red bow belt on the waist gives a sophisticated yet cute appearance to your baby girl. 

Array of Strips 

Royal blue or navy chevron horizontal strips on a white color sleeveless long frock dress adorned with a blue bow on the waist add a touch of western wear for the wardrobe of your little munchkin. The white and royal blue always gives a formal elegance to your little miss. Thus if you are going for a day function or any formal wedding event then this article alone will be good to go for your tot. 

Light baby pink striped sleeve frocks are made to be worn by the babies as the light pastel colors represent a softness that every baby girl often reflects. So it's a must-have for the summer-spring season. 

Fun-Filled Watercolor Summer Theme

The watercolor prints make a creatively unique fashion statement for moms who want to make their baby girl stand out in the crowd.  You can either dress up your baby with a pink diamond-shaped abstract or frock featuring three shade polka dots (yellow, green, and pink) for the bright summers and beautiful spring. 

Bringing you the most amazing article ever in our frocks showcasing the season’s theme with watercolor summer fruit prints. This print is available in a long frock sleeveless dress with a yellow bow attached to on center front of the image and also in ruffle trim half-sleeve  and collar frock 

Purrfect Cute Cat Prints

The simply cute cat design on a white full-sleeve frock from all of the baby girl dresses makes your little miss muffin more adorable than ever for it gives a soft gesture from its colors to prints.  

Chic-Style Wavy Skirts 

Skirts have or give a feeling of a separate shirt-like top with a frock-like bottom. The upper mostly has a different pattern or color than the bottom. These skirts set apart your tweenie from others with gorgeous color contrast and prints making a picture-perfect moment for any day. 

Pink Princess For Barbie Theme

Today the Barbie trend is on its way to settle around for the top fashion brands and influencers. The pink Princess shirt skirt with pink leggings fulfills the wish of every girl who wants a Barbie theme dress. The  “little princess” embossed with golden fonts on the pink shirt while the bright golden stars on the bottom flounce make this article excellent for the birthday baby girl. 

Cat Skirt Shirt With Strips Legging

This two-piece article has a grey skirt shirt with peachy pink strips legging which makes it a perfect style for casual days. Your tiny cutie will feel easy and stylish at the same time when wearing this out for any picnic or school day.

Little Queen

Little Queen features a two-piece article consisting of a pink strip skirt shirt with the shimmery golden font “little queen” written on it while the other piece is plain grey leggings to wear with it. Whether your baby is at home or has to go with you somewhere, this casual yet trendy outfit will cater to your baby girl's daily needs. Moreover, the little queen will give them a bossy vibe and make them feel proud of who they are so it's the best gift or appreciation gift for your sweetie. 

Wrapping Up The Blog 

So here is a list of baby clothes for girls shared here, especially for all parents who are looking for spring outfits to complete the closet of their baby girl. You can style it or pair these with accessories like hats and bangles also making to keep this comfortable as well. Further, all of these articles are available at affordable prices often seen with seasonal discounts on the Featherhead baby online store.  

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