Get Newborn Eid Gifts Starting From Rs. 750

If your sister or friend has a newborn or is becoming a new mother, Eid is the time to surprise your special one with new baby clothes from Featherhead Baby online store. Because what could be the best occasion other than this festival to give a gift to one another. Furthermore, you will get reasonable prices which just start from rupees seven hundred and fifty with a special discount due to Ramadan. 

One thing to keep in mind before shopping for your sister or friend’s baby is that you would probably not know the exact size of the newborn. Even if it's a free size in baby girl dresses  you will know whether soft skin feels comfortable in it or not. Thus, it's better to gift newborn essential items rather than clothes to wear. 

This blog will give you a variety of baby essentials that will help you decide what will be the best gift for your “little khala ki Jan” or if it's your brother's baby then “phuppho ki Jan”

Swaddle: Picture Perfect Comfy Blanket

You must have heard it from your nanny or grandma or mostly seen that mothers used to wrap their babies in blankets along with arms. It keeps the baby cozy and protects them from harm like mosquitoes and other dangerous movements. This style of wrapping is taking trend on social media with many mother celebrities and influencers making their baby photoshoot mostly by wrapping the baby with a swaddle.

The lightweight and breathable cotton muslin used to create Featherhead's Swaddle Blanket makes it perfect for swaddling, nursing, cuddling, and more—all while putting your baby's comfort first. It has adorable designs and is composed of soft, 100% cotton fabric.

Muslin Wearable Zippered Sleeping Bag

Whether you are traveling with your baby on a long journey or to a guest’s house near yours, you will need a sleeping bag to make your baby sleep like he’s in his bed. No matter how many hours you spend outside, shopping, or at a wedding, your baby can anytime fall asleep. 

This means you need to have a sleeping bag that not only carries your baby but also makes him feel comfortable especially when he falls asleep. 

So you will get rid of tension regarding poor sleep of your baby causing him to be weary. 

Quilted Blanket

Quilted blankets are different from simple baby blankets from the point of view how it covers or folded. It comprises of covers, usually made of multiple breathable cotton layers which delicately sewn together to make it close and tight creating puffy stuff for your baby to feel comfy and cozy at night.

The nursery quilt blanket from Featherhead is meticulously crafted with your baby's comfort as our first priority. With polyester stuffing, the fabric is composed entirely of cotton. 

Cross-over & Bandana Bibs

As a mother, caretaker or if for sometime you are feeding the baby, it usually occurs that food or milk may drop out of the baby’s mouth naturally or sometime when the child does not like the dish. In these scenario, bib act as a saviour avoiding any stain on the tiny one’s cloth especially if its new and stain is hard to remove such as of milk. The one in our store of neutral and in white shades are available so that less chances of stains to be seen on them. Moreover made of hundred percent premium quality cotton making it conveniant for washing. You can get three in one collection as well that’s aplus point for it saves your money. 

Cotton Booties

The most beautiful thing that could ever happen in this world are those little foot steps you baby takes with cutes tiny feet. The small cotton made carpet booties enhance the beauty of the tiny steps and the baby girl dresses. Though babies don’t walk yet their small delicate feet are exposed to dust and other kind of allergens. Thus, these cotton booties are ideal for making your soft skin save from any type of dust. Its also a fact that feet catch cold most quickly than  any other part of the body and from here the germs can enter into the body as well.  Baby’s feet are most vulnerable to these externals, and only booties can keep them away while giving a mesmerzing look.

Caps & Beanies

Mostly newborns’s head are covered with cap or beanies despite the summer weather. As mentioned before, babies skin are sensitive and can abruptly feel the change in the surrounding air. So moms out there find it best to protect their child head with cotton caps, featherhead baby online store has the most finest quality fabric cotton caps. These cap are strechable and adjustable size for every baby’s head. Moreover, these cap are favourable to be worn by your baby in this spring-summer season where the cool air flows gently all around. 

Terry Hooded Towel & Wash Clothes 

Since the baby is also human having meat, skin, and sweat gland giving smell and most of all having sensitive skin which can be vulnerable to various diseases, then bathing three days in week is necessary for such young skin. You may shop for chemical free baby shampoo and soap to avoid any irritation in the eyes and be gentle on the soft skin. In the process of baby bath shopping, do take notice of the towels as well. Try to choose good quality soft terry hooded towels that goes well around your baby, not only covering the body but the head as well with its attached hood.

In addition, with a terry hooded towel you will get three wash clothes from our store, these wash clothes are a must to dry the water from the face and body. 

Wrapping Up The Blog While You Wrap The Gift

So now becoming aunt for the first time or going so happy for the arrival of newborn baby, you wish to celebrate this joy with some new baby clothes gifts. You can shop from famous online stores these newborn essential from swaddle, quilt and towels  to caps and beanies every mother need to have. Hence, overall it proves a perfect cute gift for the little tweenie.

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