How to Smartly Dress Up Your Kid Boy For Eid

The traditional festival gives you a good reason to shop for your children. Now that Eid-ul-u-Fitr is around the corner you may be wondering where to shop for kids' boy shirts and shalwar kameez. Even after adding it to the wardrobe, you have difficulty in how to dress your boy for the coming occasion. Boys generally prefer to have a simple yet decent dressing style unlike that of girls having bold prints and colors. 

However, when it comes to the Eid festival, shirts, pants, and shalwar kameez with attractive contrasting colors can arouse happiness in kids. During these times busy parents must be looking for kids' shirts online stores to shop for stylish, cool, and comfy clothes that allow their child to celebrate this joy with happiness. 

Choose The Dress

Wearing new clothes at the festival brings extra joy, especially when it is eid-ul-fitr, children become more happy as they get the chance to get gifts in the form of money (eidi). There will be more to get this if they wear new clothes on this occasion. Moreover, it is a sunnah to wear beautiful clothes nicely.

The first step you have to take while dressing is to choose the right attire. Its style, color, and elements all should somehow resonate with the theme of the festival. Eid is a traditional festival, therefore simple shalwar kameez would be an ideal choice for such celebrations. The loose shalwar kameez is also perfect for summer as its soft fabric is breathable and airy giving comfort to your little boy.

Further, it's not necessary to wear a shalwar kameez, you can go beyond that and choose to wear a pants shirt in this cool spring-summer season. 

Cover It Up With A Waistcoat 

In a festive season like this, a shalwar kameez doesn’t look fascinating without a waistcoat. So try adding a waistcoat to it with a lighter or darker shade than the shalwar kameez. It would be better if it's darker than the kameez. This sleeveless garment adds a touch of sophistication to OTD ( outfit of the day) which comes in linen, cotton, and silk. Mostly it comes in cotton, not creating an overstuffing look but rather a soft airy feeling. 

Not just this you can wear it on a shirt and pants for an extremely funky vibe. You can view kids' shirts online from mobile as there are many baby stores like Featherhead Baby. 

Small Details Makes Fashion Icon

Small details are necessary to make sure you are perfectly ready for the big occasion like Eid-ul-fitr. Being a parent, especially a mom you must have a habit of checking whether clothes are tight, fit, or loose.  As Eid is coming in summer, make sure that kids' clothes are neither too tight nor too loose to give a comfy pleasant feeling to your tiny miniatures. The buttons and a little embroidery along the neckline should be finely stitched and embellished so that it may reflect its high quality. Moreover, you may give it to the iron press or iron it yourself to completely avoid any wrinkles on the clothes. Choose stream pressing for the coats or waistcoats to fully get rid of creases. 

Last but not least also don’t forget to add a colorful napkin to the front pocket of the waistcoat giving an elegant look.

Accessories Go Beyond Clothing 

Your child's Eid look won’t be complete without the accessories. 

Watch is important to look for the time as well as it gives a graceful element to your appearance. Moreover, it shows that your child is responsible and knows time management. 

Sunglasses enhance your style and give a cool vibe when worn by a boy kid. The spiked hairstyle with black glasses is a timeless fashion statement for boys that has never faded. An outstanding look is created if you let your child wear these glasses with a pants shirt. 

Caps: There are different styles of caps, p caps cover your forehead and they would be great for kids who are sensitive to the sun's rays. The UV rays are dangerous for children suffering from eczema, acne, and other skin infections. Thus these caps will help them to save from tanning and worsening their already infected skin.

Hats made of jute are another satisfying accessory you could style your boy kid with. Wearing this hat mirrors the cowboy character you may see in the films showing vintage era. 

Beanies are the cutest cap of all they do not cover your whole head like like others do. Giving a cultural look to your boy with this cap which may reflect Peshawar pthan culture is an amazing outfit idea your boy can opt for this Eid.

Ties, bows, and napkins: You may have seen gentlemen wearing ties, bows, or napkins at formal events like weddings to create a decent look. Your kid will also look beautifully cute in these little accessories attached to to the suit. Mostly contrasting bold and nude colors go in fashion nowadays. 

Don't Underestimate Shoes

we all have heard that shoes are the first thing people notice about you. So these little shoes will say it all about the look you want to create giving the most lovely and cutest impression

Sandals with closing straps will look good on a shalwar kameez and especially a Peshawari sandal would perfectly go mind-blowing on your little prince 

Chappals are easy to wear on and off, and they are best when your kid has to repeatedly take off his shoes for some reason. Also perfectly ideal for hot summers. 

Boots creates an adorably handsome tiny gentleman wearing a pants coat suit. Make sure they are highly polished especially if they are black. 

Canvas shoes make a perfect match for a classic summer pant-shirt outfit. Kids would feel much comfy in these shoes for they can easily play outdoor games like running. 

Khussa- Making a Punjabi theme with a shalwar kameez and waistcoat this summer will make your kid rule the world but wait to miss on something…. Khussa will bring out the charming traditional prince in your boy. 

Wrapping Up The Blog 

Selecting kid's boys shirts is overall an overwhelming experience, but with this blog, you can get an idea of how to style up your kid especially boys this Eid. From choosing dresses to carefully selecting shoes we have covered up the necessary elements any parent would be looking for while shopping.

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